Dock Edge Mooring Arm -

Dock Edge Mooring Arm


An economical alternative or enhancement to bumpers and dock bumper profiles, these Mooring Arms retain your watercraft a safe and convenient distance from the dock face to minimize the possibility of damage from wind, wake and waves. These easy-to-install mooring arms apply vector based forces to the bow and stern of the watercraft allowing it to freely and effortlessly follow wave and water action such as tidal fluctuations, yet securely keep the craft at arms length from the dock surface.

Manufactured from the same durable cross-wound fiberglass as our DockEdge+ and Howell mooring whips with polyethylene tie-retainers and stainless steel hardware. Hot-dipped galvanized cleats, mooring lines and DockEdge+ quality craftsmanship is included in every Mooring Arm kit.

Available in 4 Ft. And 6 Ft. Lengths for watercraft from PWC's to mid-sized cruisers.



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