Dock Edge Toon Fender ,PVC -
Dock Edge Toon Fender ,PVC -
Dock Edge Toon Fender ,PVC -
Dock Edge Toon Fender ,PVC -

Dock Edge Toon Fender ,PVC


The Toon Fender™ is the first fender designed especially for pontoon boats. It is designed to attach to various deck styles and contains a dual hooking system to keep the fender from popping up and flying around.
1. A PVC molded fender that comes in a 6" x 36" and 6" x 24".
2. An attachment system that is adjustable so you can hook the fender on the rail and adjust it up or down.
3. A bottom hook that connects to any of eight receiver attachments that are built into the PVC fender. This hook design will attach to the aluminum trim around the deck of the pontoon boat.
4. A block of 6" x 6" E.V.A. foam with velcro attached to the fender for easy adjustment and additional protection.
5. Aluminum hook "stops" that prevent the fender from sliding on the rub rail.

Features and Benefits:
· It is a complete system - There is no need to buy extra attachment devices or rope.
· No need to remove - Double hook attachment will keep the fender from rolling around or popping up, there is no need to store the fender.
· Over 36" long, adjusts from 17" to 34" attachment - Protects from above the top railing to 4 to 5 inches below the floor trim, or can be adjusted to protect the pontoons themselves.
· Protects below the water line - This is the only fender that can protect below the water line and does not float up like typical round fenders would.
· Protects above the attachment point - This is the only fender that can protect above the attachment point leaving no area for docks or boats to catch. Ropes and attachment points of typical fenders are normally the catch point for docks and can be both dangerous and damaging to the boat and passengers.
· Tapered design - The shape of this fender sheds water and other objects off or away from the boat.
· Thin top stainless steel hook allows it to be attached between cushion upholstery - impossible with a typical rope attachment.
Cream, Beige, Gray, Black


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